Classroom Routines and Procedures


Before-School Choices:

  • Put away personal belongings
  • Turn in homework, letters, folders etc.
  • Mark if you want lunch choice #1 or # 2
  • Make sure you have sharpened pencils in your desk
  • Fill water bottle
  • Complete classroom job if appropriate
  • Look at the white board for morning work assignment
  • Sit at desk quietly and work on assignment


8:40 a.m. – Please stop any discussions and be in yourseat ready to begin the day.


Bathroom and Drink Procedures

  • You may use the bathroom during your recess time or take the bathroom pass to use the bathroom once in the morning and afternoon.  
  • You may have a water bottle at your desk but it must be filled in the morning or during recess


Liningup Routines

  • Personal assistant will call groups to get in line
  • You are expected to stand in a straight and quiet line



·     Hallway: You are expected to walk and stand in thehallway with no talking.  Hands andfeet are kept to yourself.

·     BetweenSubjects:  You are expected to quietly clean upmaterials and get out folders, books etc. for the next subject in a timely andorderly fashion.

·     LateArrival:  Please enter the room quietly and ask aperson sitting next to you to help you know what we are doing in class.


Classroom Jobs

  • Chosen each quarter
  • Fill out a job application describing your interest and experience
  • You need to complete your job each day/week or we will find someone else to fill your position


Nightly Homework

·     Youwill need to read for at least 20 minutes four nights a week and record it inyour Reading Log

·     Reviewbasic math facts daily (Multiplication, and Division)

·     Homeworkwill be given at the end of every day and is to be completed that night andreturned the following day unless otherwise noted

·     Use a ‘Home’folder for daily homework


Friday Folders/Letters

  • On Friday other newsletters, graded homework assignments, and important documents will be sent home.  Everything will come home in the ‘Home’ folderwill be sent home over the weekend and brought back empty on Monday

Daily Procedures

Small Group:

  • You should use a quiet “6 inch voice”
  • Stay on task with the group
  • Active participation
  • Problem solve through respectful communication and compromise

Independent Work:

  • To be done at desk unless otherwise noted
  • Quiet, focused work
  • Hand raised when you need to ask a question or need assistance


Snack Time:

  • We will have a snack time in the morning and afternoon
  • If you would like to bring a snack it must be nutritious


SafeSeat/Buddy Room

  • Safe Seat:  Students having difficulty following rules or negatively affecting the learning of others will be asked to go to the safe seat.  This is a short time to think, cool off, etc. Once you get yourself together, you will process with your teacher about how you will change your behavior.  Then you may go back to your own seat or join the group.
  • Buddy Room:  If you were not able to calm down or follow appropriate behavior after being asked to go to the safe seat then you will be sent to the buddy room. 
  • Office:  You will go to the office if your behavior continues to be a problem after going to the safe seat and buddy room, or if you become severely disruptive in the classroom.

End of the Day Routines

  • Completely fill out planners with the assigned homework as we fill it out together
  • Put materials needed to complete homework in your home folder and then pack up.
  • Clean up the room and your area.
  • Complete classroom job if necessary.

Positive Expectations

  • Quiet signal… for example
    • Give Me Five (Listen, Quiet, Be Still, Hands are Free and to Yourself, Eyes Watching)
  • Learner is:  Safe, Kind, Cooperative, Respectful and Responsible
  • Claymo Promise: I promise to take good care of myself, all the people around me, and all the things around me


Last Modified on May 19, 2014

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