The School District of Clayton uses Absence Management, an Automated Educational Substitute Operator, to manage both requests for substitutes and assign substitutes throughout its schools. This automated service greatly simplifies and streamlines the process of recording absences and finding substitutes. The Absence Management system is available to 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
District staff or those who have been selected to substitute teach in Clayton's schools can access the system either on the Internet at, or by way of a toll-free automated phone line, (800) 942-3767. Both District staff and identified substitute teachers should use their ID number and PIN number to access the system. Teachers who access Absence Management online will be able to enter absences, check their absence schedule, update personal information, and exercise other features.
If you are a Clayton staff member or a teacher on the District's "sub" list and have not received your personal ID and PIN, please call Cindy Whitney at (314) 854-6039.

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