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Missouri Reading Circle
Caldecott Medal
Award forms and information

While books give children a source of comfort, information, and pleasure, many students enjoy the challenge of meeting requirements for reading awards.
  • At Meramec we encourage all K-5th grade students to read and fulfill the requirements for the annual Missouri Reading Circle Award.
  • For the reader who treasures rich picture book stories, Meramec offers the Caldecott Medal Award. This award generally takes two or more years to complete.  
The table below provides additional details and a link to award forms. Please stop by the library if you wish printed copies or have questions about the awards.

Reading Award
Missouri Reading and Lifetime Awards (K-5th)
The Missouri Reading Circle Program, founded more than 100 years ago has revised requirements. Requirements are provided on the award form. Basically, K-5th grade students read either 16 or 20 books and encouraged to select a blend of fiction and nonfiction titles.  In fifth grade, students who have completed five Missouri Reading Circle Awards will be awarded the Missouri Reading Circle - Lifetime Award.
Missouri Circle Reading Award Form
Caldecott Medal Picture Book Award (2nd-5th)
This award is earned by one or two students per year. A student reads all 70+ books that are Caldecott Medal winners. The Caldecott Medal was first awarded in 1938 and is given to the picture book with the most distinguished artwork.  Please note that some titles are "vintage" in content and design. 
Caldecott Award Form and Checklist
Last Modified on August 13, 2014