Thursday mornings, 9:15-10:45, Stay, Play & Learn room
    Jani Holyan, Facilitator

    •  Six weeks: Jan. 25, Feb. 1, 8, 15, 22, March 1
       Registration Fee $133

    Call the Family Center at 314-854-6900 to register. Please obtain a copy of the book before the first class.

    PARENTSPEAK by Jennifer Lehr is a great new book for parents!  Packed with thought provoking ideas in easy to digest chapters!  Many Family Center teachers and parent educators are reading the book.  Here are some of the issues covered:

    • WHAT TO SAY INSTEAD OF “GOOD JOB” How to notice and encourage your child in a way that helps them to feel empowered and prized rather than turning them into ‘praise addicts who become dependent on other’s affirmation.
    • HOW TO NURTURE AND ACCEPT THE PACE OF YOUR CHILD’S DEVELOPMENT without rushing them on to the next phase.  Every parent who has potty training ahead of them will want to read this chapter!
    • WHAT TO SAY TO TEACH KIDS TO LEARN TO APOLOGIZE OR SHARE that actually teaches them the essence of empathy.
    • WHAT TO DO INSTEAD OF TRADITIONAL TIME-OUT that helps our children experience unconditional love while learning how to manage big emotions and act appropriately. 

    And much more!