• Fixed Assets

    For questions, please contact Adrienne Lauf at ext.6026 or Linda Benz at ext.6029.

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  • Gift Cards

    For questions, please contact Adrienne Lauf at ext.6026. 

    Due to internal control concerns and other difficulties encountered in regulating the use of School District funds to purchase gift cards and the use of gift cards to pay for purchases, the purchase and use of gift cards will only be reimbursed under the following two circumstances:

    ·         Gift cards purchased to present in lieu of a stipend to guest speakers or presenters.

    ·         Gift cards purchased from student activity club treasuries.

    Gift cards purchased other than as outlined above will not be reimbursed.

    Reimbursement for gift cards purchased may be obtained by completing attached Gift Card Receipt form and attaching to a completed voucher request.  If gift cards are purchased using a District P-Card, the completed form must be included with P-Card reconciliation documentation.

     Note:   Purchases made with Gift Cards to offset the purchase of District supplies or equipment will not be reimbursed.

     Gift cards > $25 received by an employee are considered taxable income by the IRS and will be reported on the employees year end W-2.

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  • Purchase Orders

    For questions, please contact Adrienne Lauf at ext.6026.


    Obtain approval prior to requesting the purchase of any item.

    Utilize District Purchasing Card for purchases under $400 instead of personal reimbursement.

    Maintain DETAILED and ORIGINAL receipt or invoice listing items/food purchased NOT credit card signature receipt.

    Submit receipts within 60 days of original purchase.

    Receipt documents PROOF OF PAYMENT (i.e. vendor’s invoice shows amount due as $0 or paid by credit card with four digits of credit card listed). If personal reimbursement and paid by check, include copy of cancelled check.

    Ship items ordered to the District Maintenance Facility and if not ordered on a purchase order, e-mail Robin Wesley at Maintenance to instruct how to handle the shipment.

    Always utilize the District’s tax exempt status except on out of state conferences.  Sales taxes will not be reimbursed.

    Obtain required approval through AllofE prior to making any travel arrangements.


    Do not make purchases without Building Principal approval.

    Do not submit a COPY of a receipt or invoice.

    Do not submit a credit card signature receipt only of an expenditure.

    Do not submit receipts greater than 60 days of original purchase.

    Do not submit receipts without proof of payment.

    Refrain from combining personal purchases and District purchases on the same receipt, separate purchases at the register.

    Do not ship District purchases to a residential home address.

    Do not use a highlighter on receipts, if necessary, circle items with a pen.

    Do not adhere tape over information on thermal receipts.

    Do not make travel arrangements prior to approval through AllofE.

    Do not charge items directly to a hotel room when traveling; if necessary, obtain detailed receipts.

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  • Purchasing Cards

    For questions, please contact Adrienne Lauf at ext.6026.

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  • Purchasing Deadlines

    For questions, please contact Adrienne Lauf at ext.6026.

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