• Grants 

    For questions regarding grant deadlines and notifications, please contact Brent Bell at ext.6025.  
    Any questions regarding grants should be directed to the office of the Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning. 
    Federal, state, county, local and even district agencies or departments award grants to the School District of Clayton.  Grants specify the purposes and projects funded by the award and amounts awarded by expenditure category.  Grant funds enable staff to pursue educational opportunities for students that cannot be funded by the District budget.  All grants must be approved by the Board of Education and must abide by laws, regulations and/or other conditions set forth by the awarding agency.  To insure requirements are met, the Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning coordinates grants and insures programs are operated within the required guidelines. Therefore, the Assistant Superintendent must sign all grant applications, amendments, program evaluations and final reports before submittal. 

    Copies of all reports are sent to the Director of Finance to enable the District to keep accurate financial records.  The Director of Finance should be involved in the grant budgeting process, the accounting process and the final reporting process.  Without involvement in all phases of the grant process, the risk of noncompliance with grant requirements, incorrect reporting of eligible costs and under reporting of eligible costs is increased.

    Grant funds must supplement, not supplant, normal operating budget funds.  Board policy directs fiscal management to insure state and local spending is maintained for areas receiving Federal program funding.

    District procedures and deadlines are followed for grant programs.  If a grant deadline occurs after the District deadline, District deadlines apply; if a grant deadline occurs before the District deadline, grant deadlines apply.