• CSD RETIREMENT TRUST - 403B / ROTH 403B / 457B / ROTH 457B

    For quick links to current information about your investments in the CSD Retirement Trust go to:  https://www.edplus.org/Page/592
    Or you can contact a VALIC Financial Advisor directly:
     Shane Hurst |  Financial Advisor |  VALIC Financial Advisors, Inc. 
     12312 Olive Blvd.  | Suite 265 | St. Louis MO 63141 
     Office: 314-439-4850  |  Cell: 314-704-4888  |  Email: shane.hurst@valic.com 
    The School District of Clayton offers payroll deductions for 403b, Roth 403b, 457b and Roth 457b plans through the CSD Retirement Trust administered through VALIC.
    Employees must complete the Salary Reduction Agreement form and return to payroll in the Business Office.
    The total amount deducted in a calendar year for employee elected salary deferrals cannot exceed the IRS limit under provisions of Code 403(b), the elective deferral limits of Code 402(g), or the limitations under Code Section 415.
    The employee can terminate an agreement at any time with written notice to Payroll.
    Deductions for a 403b or 457b only (Roth plans are considered post-tax) are tax sheltered and excluded from Federal and State gross wages for income tax reporting.